The Mozzarella affaire: no more worries.

The Mozzarella cheese is safe and healthy, good and tasteful as ever.

This is the result of the tests made during the last weeks on the milk produced by many farms and companies who supply the many producers of the original Mozzarella DOC in Campania.

583 on 600 farms of Neaples, Caserta and Avellino are negative to test of the dioxin, this means that the dangerous dioxin is not present inside the milk and thus the mozzarella can be produced and sold without any problem for the health of the customers.

In a few days the results to tests made on the farms of Salerno will be ready too but the general situation of Salerno, that didn't suffer from the rubbish crisis, makes people and experts believe that there won't be any problem about the quality of the milk produced in this area.

In the meantime, most of the countries, such as France, Corea and Japan, who had stopped the import of the mozzarella, changed their minds and the so-called "white gold" can be sold all over the world again.

Notwithstanding this, the damages to the mozzarella-industry are huge and heavy for the producers who lost about 30% of their business.

In order to promote the mozzarella, from 18th April the Salone della Mozzarella, a fair completely dedicated to the mozzarella cheese, will take place in Paestum (SA).

The organizers want to underline that everyone can buy and eat mozzarella without any worries because the tests made during this period are a guarantee of quality and because these tests will be always made on the whole production in order to always grant the high quality of this unique food.

The Salone della Mozzarella will also be the occasion to taste the best mozzarella made in Campania, in the Piana del Sele, together with many other delicious food of the Campania region and it will also be a window to show the best of the Made in Italy.

15 / 04 / 2008

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