Salerno for foreigners

Salerno for Foreigners

Welcome to all the foreigners, visitors, travellers, strangers, outsiders, guests from other lands and countries to Salerno and to, the voice of Salerno.

Soon this section will be updated with interesting infos and tips for your stay and visit in Salerno.

E.P.T. - Tourist Office of Salerno - infoline: +39 89 230401 or

+39 89 231401

The info-office is near to the railway station. Here you can find infos on events, places which are worth visiting, restaurants, hotels.

Citysightseeing bus

Now Salerno has its citysightseeing bus, the red bus will run through Salerno every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from April till October.

The bus starts its run in via Ligea, near the port, at 9.30, 11, 12.30, 14 e 15.30, but you can catch the bus in any of nine bus-stop thanks to the "hop on – hop off" formula.

The ticket costs 10 euro, 5 euro for kids older than 6 years old and for students under 26.

Etertainment suggestions.

Enjoy the "Dinner with murder". Enjoy a dinner where you are the detective investigating for the killer. You can play the game being the protagonist in a dinner organized in the wonderful scenario of the Cilento.

Learn more about:

The rubbish crisis in Campania.

The Mozzarella affaire

Your window on Salerno and its surroundings: you can see the beautiful, live images of several places of Salerno, of the Amalfi and Cilento coasts. So you can also see that rubbish is not everywhere in Campania!

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Salerno For Foreigners

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